Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Tuesday

It is such a beautiful night!  The skies are clear and there looks to be a million stars in the night sky.  It's dark out here and when you look up it is just breathtaking.

Today was spent at the church for a senior lunch of pinto beans and the fixins.  There were about 47 people there and the meal was very good.  Sister Shirley was in charge of the decorating and we (sister Wanda and I) went over to help out.  I got up early and cooked some cornbread to take.  I was able to go to Deborah's to use her electric oven.  Still getting used to a gas oven.

There was also a show and tell.  The idea was to take a sample of your hobby.  There were quilts, jewelry, wooden toys, canned foods and I took my mosaic table and fire starters.  It was good to see everything made by the people in the church and it was good to see people I had known since I was a child and meet new people.

My sisters and I are having a yard sale this Wed, Thurs and Friday so we spent the afternoon setting up to start early in the morning.  Hope I make a enough to purchase my surge guard when I go to Nashville next week.

My evening was spent meeting with the reunion committee.  We met from 5:30-9:00.  Whew, lots of posters and chatting.  I believe we are ready for Saturday night.  We originally thought we would be happy with 40 people showing up and that included spouses.  Our count tonight is 67 not including spouses.  Wow, out of 153 students that is a good showing with about six weeks notice.  It should be fun.  I'm getting excited.



Beckles said...

Only you would have a yard sale when you just started full-timing!!! Hope you sell out!! Wow, it's amazing what the committee has pulled together in only 6 weeks....can't wait to hear how it goes.

Margie and Roger said...

You sure are working hard for a retired person! Hope it is a great reunion. Loved that show and tell hobby idea. I had to laugh as I pictured you showing your empty toilet rolls. Guess it could have been worse. You could have demonstrated your Walla Ballas!