Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mama's house

What a day it has been!  Day two of the yard sale is under our belts.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy but we will go ahead because we have narrowed our "stuff" to all under both carports so if it rains our "stuff" and our shoppers won't get wet.

Today we were invited to dinner by Mary and Kenneth.  They live where I grew up and where my Mama took her last breath.  It was the first time I had been in there since splitting up her possessions.  I thought it would be okay, no problem.

Big problem!  I walked into the kitchen and just lost it.  Emotions flooded into me that I never knew I had.   It was very difficult.  It's amazing what triggers ones emotions and we don't know when it will happen or what effect it will have on one.  The one I'm talking about is ME!  Thankfully Mary and Kenneth had built a great place on the hill that had a sceened in porch, bedroom and bath.  OMG, it is just so cool place, they call it the White House.  The White House came to the rescue.  We ate our delicious chili and pizza on the screened in porch.  Great company and an enjoyable dinner. 

Later I returned to go in the house and look around.  While it was difficult for me, it was very carthartic.  I am thankful for the opportunity that Mary gave me to be able to confront whatever has not been dealt with in seven years.

Wonder what makes people place so much emphasis on the past.  I know that if we don't know the past we are sure to repeat it but in a situation such as the house,  is that the same?  I don't know but it did do me good.  I'm thinking that will not be the only thing to deal with while I'm in the area, so it should be interesting these next few weeks.


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