Monday, October 19, 2009

Settled in Etowah

As I pulled into Mark and Deborah's driveway, Mark was standing there waiting on me.  I got out of Somewhere and we discussed where he wanted me to park so I would be out of his way for a few months.  After that was settled, I unhooked Grey Goose and proceeded to back into the chosen area.  As it turned out I needed to move a little closer in order for the plug to reach.  He will still be able to get the mower out if he has to mow one more time this season.

When Sedona was allowed out, she ran, ran and ran.  Oh she was like a free bird.  She remembered being here for a part of her early life and she was taking full advantage of her freedom.  She is still not crazy with sharing her space, as big as it is, with Chigger (Deborah's yorkie) and Cat (Deborah's cat). 

Last night we went to Roy's house and he has a new little dog, Willie, and Sedona was just as snippy with him as he was with Chigger.  I believe w/all the exposure to other animals she may get out of being a little snippy girl dog that she is.  It's funny to see all of them playing with each other.

I haven't hooked up my water yet.  It's cold and this morning there was a heavy frost on the ground.  I have my heat set to come on around 62 and it has come on a couple of times at night.  My quilts feel so good.  I just snuggle under the covers w/Sedona and sleep.  I think my bed is terrific!  I have slept the last few weeks better than I've slept in a while.  Of course, maybe it's because I'm alone, it's cold and I'm home.

I'll tell you one thing.  I have put off buying a surge guard for Somewhere.  Mixed advice of you don't need on to you need one.  Well, I needed one.  While plugging into the 30 amp service at Mark's house, I lost my big TV in the Living Room.  Almost lost the Microwave.  Lost the clock radio plugged into one of the plugs in the Bedroom.  When I return to Nashville and Camping World, I shall invest in a surge guard.  That will put my mind at ease and hopefully protect the coach like it needs protecting.  I called my insurance company today to see what would be covered.

One good thing, the TV was a very heavy one and very big.  I got a flat screen to replace it that weighs only 17 lbs.  It has a great picture and picked up well on the antenna.  Hey, what do they say about lemons??  Lately I've been having a lot of lemonade!  LOL

That's about all that's going on w/me lately so stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you lost all that, but now you got a new TV, so that's good. I hope it didn't hurt anything else that you find later. We invested in one before the TN GTG just to be safe.