Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday on the Craft Loop

Even though it was raining yesterday we had a nice drive going around the craft loop in Gatlinburg.  We stopped at an area that contained many little shops of different artiseans.  At the stained glass shop they were working on 4 panels for a church in Pigeon Forge.  The scenes depicted local traditions and terrific views of the mountains.  The color choices in glass were tremendous.  That church is lucky to have such talented people giving their love in the work they were doing.

The smells from the cherry shop and the busyiness of the copper corner were insipiring.  It makes one think how fortunate this area has such talented people.

We also went to the lady who sells apples to the Apple Barn to get some apples but she said her crop wasn't good this year and they didn't have any.  Her house was out in the boonies and I don't know how sisters founds this place but they did.  On the way was where Dolly Parton grew up.  Back in the hills.  It pays to get off the propular beaten path.

We went by the Smoky Mountain Winery to pick up some wine that Theda really loves, Scuppernongg.  They didn't have any because scuppernongg is a wild grape and there are not enough grown to make gallons of wine.  Once they domesticated the grape it has become muscadine.  So there are plenty of muscadine wines but none tasted like the Scuppernongg that was made before.  Oh well, it will have to be red or white muscadine.

We came back from Gatlinburg, ate at the Red Lobster and then shopped.  Yes, I went with my sisters to shop a little to Five Oaks.  OMG, there were a million people there.  We didn't buy anything, where would I put it if I did?  It was good just being with them.

Today was better.  It rained but in the early afternoon, it quit.  But it's raining again.  I've begun getting ready to head out tomorrow.  I'll hook up and head toward Etowah.

BTW, if you wonder why no photos with this post of the craft loop.  I went to the Cracker Barrel this morning for breakfast and now I seem to have misplaced my camera.  I went back three times to see if it had shown up and nothing.  It was in my pocket and when I returned I went to add a picture of Shirley and Doug to yesterdays post and no camera.  I have looked everywhere.  It's gone, I just know it.  I will be amazed if it shows up.  I did leave my telephone number and a description of the camera and case in case they find it, they can call me. 

I'll have to charge the batteries of my old digital and see if it still works.  Glad I didn't sell it or worse yet, find my film camera and use it.  Think I'll remember how?  LOL


Margie said...

Sorry you lost your camera. Good thing you have your old one. I kept mine too.

Glad you had a good time with your sisters and enjoying Gatlinburg. But, rain, rain go away!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, maybe for another retirement gift you should get one of those engraving pens and put your telephone number on stuff! LOL But that wouldn't help you if you loose it in your MH,,hmm second thought, maybe one of those alarm things that you clap and it beeps, LOL. J/K Glad you are having fun with your sisters.

Dustin said...

Glad you are having fun in East TN. My family and I have been in Gulf Shores AL so we haven't had to deal with the weather up there. You should come up to Cove Lake state park next week for the first TWRA elk hunt. They have a nice campground and the elk viewing tower is not far from there. Let me know and I can arrange a tour of North Cumberland WMA if we are not too busy with the hunt.