Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's official! I am a fulltimer!

Yesterday was the official date. It was rainy and stormy and I couldn't get my toad hooked up but by golly, I'm at Seven Points CG with about 9 other RVing women having a TN gtg. I piled everything left in Cindy's house into Somewhere and while a few posts back I had bragged about that extra space I had. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I have NO extra space and I have too many clothes. While I had thought I had everything figured out, well, there are some things I'll still go through.

My friend and fellow full-timer, Margie, came by yesterday when I arrived at the cg and she laughed about my clutter and disorganization. Ah, but alas, this too shall pass and I'll get it together.

I'm still excited. I know this is the right decision for me. I know there will be some challenges and opportunities. I'm just down right pumped.

No pictures right now. My battery in my camera is down and for some reason I can't seem to put my hand on my charger! LOL Go Figure! It's gonna show and and I'll post some of my site and of the gtg.

And Buffett has been bugging me like crazy to let him post about the cruise we took last week. But no way, right now anyway. I'm just a little busy for him to be able to log on and have at it. Never fear, the pix are downloaded and there will be a cruise post before long.


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Margie and Roger said...

One good thing about being a full-timer - that charger is somewhere in your motor home or car and you've got it with you...but knowing 'exactly' where it is might be a little difficult...but if you could get rid of the clutter maybe you'll find it, ha ha.

Looking forward to the cruise photos.