Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where is Roy when I need him??

Oh what a day! I decided I couldn't wait any longer for the rain to stop so I gave Somewhere a bath today. What a job! There is an automatic truck wash a couple of exits down from where I am and it might be worth the $55 they charge for me to have them do it.

Roy is my nephew who lived with me for a while. He would have been able to get on top of Somewhere and wash the top and the caps. No way I was going to get up there by myself, what if I had slipped and fell? Oh well, I'll be over in his neck of the woods in a month so maybe I can do it again with his help. hint>hint!

I am feeling so very, very good about the room I have in Somewhere. I have just about everything inside her. I have cleaned and organized the bays and have some unclaimed space. I'm not going to be concerned about filling that space until I go have Somewhere weighed. Weighing is important to ensure I'm not carrying more weight than the chassis was built to handle and to make sure I have the proper tire pressure. Too bad I don't work for the Department of Safety anymore. They could have done my weighing for me. Guess I'll have to stop by the CAT scales at a truck stop and at least get a good guage of how much she weighs. That will work until I get to a Rally where they have weighing at one of the vendors. I know Margie will be getting her rig weighed next week at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Ohio. I would be going to that one if only it were not for my CRUISE! Yep, had to rub it in.

I talked to Cindy today and had to ask her what day this was. Didn't think it would hit me that quickly. Everyone had told me it would happen, guess it's one more sign of retirement. It's okay, I like it.



Margie and Roger said...

Isn't it great having to ask what day it is? You have found a downside to full-time RVing - washing your "home". Not fun. Supposedly the correct way to do it is just one side at a time. I'm thinking the correct way would be to add that $55 into the budget, ha ha.

So we both depart town on September 26 for fun and adventure! And we meet up at Seven Points, cool!

Have a great cruise. See ya' soon.

Beckles said...

What a surprise to read this post and see there is not one word about the cruise!! How did that slip by you!!

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Becky, at that particular time, I was NOT even thinking of the cruise. My body was hurting so bad I just wanted to remember it by this post. LOL

BTW, I leave for my cruise tomorrow.