Monday, September 21, 2009

Time is Flying!

I have four days to complete my packing of Somewhere with all the items from the room in the house at Cindy's.  It sure makes it nice to have Somewhere in the driveway.  Makes it a lot easier to pack, rearrange and get rid of things with it being right here.  Why four days you may be asking?

I take Somewhere back to Carl Black for the converters that came in two days after I had picked her up.  These were on recall and they had said that it was going to be another six months before Workhorse sent the parts so I decided I needed to get her and pack her up.  I take her on Friday and they will keep her until after my cruise.  So here is the rub, I leave on 9/26 for my Western Caribbean cruise on Carnival Liberty and return on Oct 3.  I pick up Somewhere on October 4 and will be at Seven Points in Nashville for the Women's TN GTG until the weekend at which time I head to Pigeon Forge at River's Edge and more or less outta here so I've got to make sure I'm packed, weighed and in good shape.

In the past, I just put items in Somewhere willie nilly without being concerned about the amount of space I was using.  Now I'm  going back through sorting and folding and being a little more organized.  It it would EVER stop raining, I could get to the outside storage bins emptied and organized the same as I'm doing in the inside.  Hopefully by Tuesday the sun will come out and dry things out.

I'm feeling really good that I'm going to have enough space for everything.  I worked on my closet this evening and it's agood feeling that I have gauged the clothing situation pretty well.  I feel certain when I get out "there" I'll find that I don't need as many clothes as I am taking w/me.  It's just hard to let go.  I have probably mentioned this before but I sure do have a lot of T-shirts.  Yep, it's like they multiply and when I begin the sorting process it's like, "oh no, I have to keep that one" or "Oh I remember when I got this," or "that will look cool when I'm in FL."   I have a feeling I'll live in T-shirts, what do you thing?  At least that is what I think right now.  I may change my mind.

Our trip to Paris Landing via TN River was cancelled because of the amount of rain we have had.  Our intent was to leave Johnsonville Historic Park and go up river via a pontoon to Paris Landing.  Theda was to take her boat and Randy & Debbie Smith and Cindy Walker and I were going to tag along.  We were all looking so forward to it but we wanted to be safe especially since all the passengers couldn't swim.  There will be another opportunity to do it, just might not include me.

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Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like you have made good use of your time getting Somewhere organized. It seems to be a continual process. Hey, could I have some of your extra space??