Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where is Carolyn going?

I have been asked so many times what/where I'm going, I'll just tell you.  Of course I won't reveal the exact RV resort I'll be in but the general vicintiy so if you happen to be in the neighborhood send me a message and we can make arrangements to meet.  Wasn't successful with Google Maps so here is how I'll do this.

September:                              October:
Parksville Lake TN                TN GTG Nash                        
Cruise-Western Caribbean    Pigeon Forge TN
                                                Etowah, TN

November:                               December:
New Johnsonville, TN   
Townsend TN                          Etowah TN
Columbus, TX                         Orlando/Crystal River FL

January:                                    February:
St Mary's GA                           St Augustine FL

March:                                     April, May, June:
Hobe Sound FL                        Key West FL
Titusville FL

Key West FL
Parksville Lake TN
Louisville KY


Beckles said...

When does the quick escape to Vegas fit in?? LOL

SunshinecruiserTN said...

I'm still working on it. Vegas depends on Southwest getting a good price out there.

Margie said...

Thanks for posting your travel plans. I was already confused so this will help me keep track of you and maybe end up in the same vicinity one of these days.

Margie said...

I sure am jealous of all that time you get to spend in Key West!