Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Somewhere is Official!

It's Official!  Somewhere has her name emblazoned on the front and back.  Everyone will know her when I'm comin' and goin', thanks to my best friends, Randy and Debbie.   This was their gift to me for retirement and bon voyage.  It was a simple process.  Since Somewhere is a 2003 you can imagine that her colors have faded and you can really tell the difference with the original colors being used
compared to the decals on her from the beginning.  Oh, but she is just beautiful.

Thanks so much, Debbie and Randy.  Debbie you had a great idea!  I LOVE IT!  I am Tickled to death.

Randy works down the road from Ken Binkley Signs in Nashville.  We went in and Amanda worked with us and measured and got the proportions just right.  Not too big, not too small; just right.

David put it on and then Ken (the owner) drove by in his car and told David to take the Itasca off as it was peeling badly.  That alone made Somewhere look better but because of the years of fading, Itasca can still be seen on the front, back and sides.  David let me know that the company paints RVs.  Not in too big of a hurry for that to happy.

Let me tell you if you need Workhorse Chassis work done, take it to Carl Black Chevrolet and as for Pam as your service writer.  She is so professional, knowledgable and will do everything she can to work with you on price and work with the warranty companies.  I finally got Somewhere back today and brought her over to Cindy's house.  She fits perfectly in the driveway so now I can load her up at my leisure and Somewhere will have a place to stay while I'm on my cruise.

I got everything done to Somewhere that could possibly be done.  Most was regular maintenance that probably had not been done on a regular basis since when I bought her in 2007 she only had 14,000 mi on her.  She now has about 17900 and has all her maintenance taken care of for a few years.  Some things I have to have redone as the oil changes, etc but for the most part, I'm ready to hit the road.  New tires with the DOT date of 05/09 which wasn't too bad.  For those of you thinking that is the 5th month, nope, it's the 5th week of 2009.

Oh, I almost forgot, one important item (can't remember the official name of it) that was fixed and covered under the extended warranty was the computer that runs the odometer, calculates the mileage, calculates how far one can go on the tank of gas, anyway you get the idea.  It is brand new.  It is legible.  It is just so cool except now I'll have to learn to operate it to get the best benefit.  It will never be as complicated as that dang Edison that came around right before I retired.  Shudder!!

I'm ready to hit the road and I bet you, as the reader, are ready for me to be out there writing about more interesting things than the maintenance of Somewhere. LOL


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Margie and Roger said...

I just love it! I had already received the photos in an email but decided not to say anything since you hadn't mentioned it on the blog. What a really, really cool idea! Did you come up with that idea as a gift or did Debbie? Wonder if those people could fix our paint at their shop? But that's another problem for another day. You are so close to hitting the road now...and in style!