Friday, September 11, 2009

Midweek at Parksville Lake

Mid-week at Parksville Lake

On Wednesday we went into Cleveland, TN and did a little shopping (those of you who really know me I hate shopping) and then went to eat at Logan’s Steakhouse where Deborah & Mark and David & Jan met us. It was great to see Jan & David before the cruise and it’s always such fun for us to be around Deborah and Mark.

Jan had her neck surgery and her doc put her in a neck brace. She is assured that the brace will be off before the cruise in a couple of weeks.

After shopping and eating we headed back to Ocoee and found it had really rained but we missed all that and when we got to the boat, it was a nice ride back to the cabin. I got a call when I was off the island (on the island we have no cell service unless we are at the dock) from Carl Black Chevrolet telling me that Somewhere is ready to be picked up so when I return on Tuesday, I’ll pick her up and hope that she fits in Cindy’s driveway so I can begin to load my final belongings in her.

Thursday has been a day of rest so to speak. Sister Wanda had given me a book to read and that is about all I have done. The name is Only Obey and the author is Connie Baumgardner from Etowah, TN. Her book is fiction but when reading it one feels as if the writer experienced the events written about. It was a good read, very intense. I had to take a break every once in a while because of the intensity. The settings in the book are in Maryville, Chattanooga, Nashville, all places that I am very familiar with. This book is a great read and focuses on Christianity and one’s witness.

Sister Shirley fixed a big old pot of pinto beans today. Sis Wanda fixed cole slaw, garden fresh okra and someone fixed cornbread. By the way, I do dishes. No cooking for me. Doug & Don went fishing after dinner and us girls, exercised to some music I had. Man-o-man, did we work up a sweat!, but then again, when you have homemade icecream every night, we need to exercise. Guess you could say we were sweatin’ to the oldies, Kool & the Gang.

Today, I took my computer down to the dock to see if my new Verizon card would work better with the new antenna I got from Verizon. It does work better but not in the cabin. I got on line and answered a few emails and checked Facebook but when I went to pull anything complex up it would take too long and act like I was on dial up so I got to do very little on the computer but did make some phone calls from the deck.

As I reflect on my time down here I am learning from the best folks about retirement. Shirley, Doug, Wanda and Don are great at retirement and I’m beginning to get the hang of it. I called in today and learned that my insurance is going up 6% next year and then talked to someone else with some crazy news and I just think I need to stay on the island for the rest of my time. LOL Actually I cannot wait until I get out on the road.

I suppose I’ll rethink this reunion. The Etowah High School reunion has provided so much conversational topics for my sisters, it's funny to hear them discussing different people they grew up with and went to school with. See Shirley and Wanda were only a year apart in school age and know the same folks. Whereas I was several years behind them and knew very few of the people they were speaking. It should be good get reacquainted with my grade.



Margie and Roger said...

Glad you were finally able to post to your blog. I had been wondering what you were up to. I must say that you seem to be getting the hang of being a "retiree". Just shows you are good at any "job" you tackle. Sounded like fun at the pond at Roy's.

Connie said...

Hello, I am Connie Baumgardner, author of Only Obey and I want to thank you for reading my book. I actually graduated from McMinn County in 1967, and have lived in or near Athens most of my life. I was often in Etowah at my grandparents home, Clyde and Grace McDonald and went to North Etowah Baptist church many times. I know Joyce Arms. anyway, thanks again for reading my book.