Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The After Party

Some of us girls, Cindy Saladin, Cindy Walker, Ann Candler, Patricia Ferrell, Sandra Williams and I went to Jonny's Sports Bar for a couple of drinks and to download on the past and everything we had gone through in our careers.  We all worked for state government.  Cindy W took the retirement buyout last year and got another job.  Cindy Saladin left HR and moved into another postion in HR for the courts.  Sandra and Pat will continue to work, however they can both leave whenever they want.  Ann, my caretaker, will remain in TWRA until she decides she can afford to hit the road.  It was fun talking about the past, sharing stories and trying to one-upsmanship on stories.  tee hee

Pat & SandraAll of us!Cindy W & CarolynCarolyn & Cindy SCarolyn & Ann

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Margie said...

Sometimes the "after" party is better than the "party"