Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of Retirement

I'm officially off the payroll.  I am officially unemployed.  I am officially a free woman.  Free to wander, wonder and do what ever I well please.

Yesterday was a great day.  I had many well wishers come, some from other agencies.  It was good to see Chad, my financial advisor there.  Stan (my boss) had a couple of good things to say to me.  Ed (the executive Director) said a few words and assured me he knows someone in every state if I ever need him, he can get me help.  That's good to know.

Ann made me a poster with a 3D RV on it that was stuffed with money, you know I love that.Great presents!  Patsy from TDOT brought me 50 road maps one from each state in the union, how cool was that?? 
 You have already seen my boots.    Bill gave me a retirement pillow.  HR gave me binoculars.  On and on so I won't bore you with details.

Wonderful spread of food and the decorations were so appropriate.  Ann and Karen were responsible for the hard work that was put into planning, setting up and tearing down.  Thanks girls.  Oh forgot, Angela made her great poppy bread, uummmgood.

Some snapshots of folks in attendance:
Doug & Bruce
 Barbara, Doris, Bonnie
Patsy, me, Bill, Debbie
Linda'sGayle danny
Eddie Brabara Robbie Jack
Decorations were quite creative,
What else could they find? 
And then there were palm trees, margarita glasses, and can't forget the countdown calendar.It was a great party and I appreciated each and everyone coming by.  I won't miss the place but I will miss some of the people.  Can't wait for my next journey to begin.


Margie said...

Your co-workers sure did a wonderful job of making a terrific farewell party for you. Wow! Loved the "money" - should buy a lot of gas for Somewhere. Those are the cutest little trailers!

Margie said...

Loved that comment of "free to wander, wonder...."

Beckles said...

What a great send-off!