Monday, October 26, 2009

Carnival Liberty, September 29-October 3, 2009

It's about time!  The cruise blog is here.  Time has a way of helping us forget so if important information has been omitted from the blog that the reader feels needs to be added, please feel free to add in the comments.  I can moderate those and will allow everything you send me.  I won't be able to post some of the pictures that were taken but those of you who were with us, can easily see them on Live.

There were 22 people in David's group, 23 if you count Buffett.  Buffett was a stowaway and wasn't quit as visible as last time.  But he is going to take a shot at his version of our cruise.

Hi, Hello, Whoopee! everyone.  It's me, Buffett.  I have decided that I am a domesticated bird and didn't go looking for my homeland this time.   Buttttttt, my owner, Carolyn, didn't bother to tell me she was going to go to a rain forest!  Huh!  What's up with that?  Ah but I digress, let's begin with the how I got to the ship.  I flew ah, but not the way you think.  I flew on an airplane, a Southwest airplane that is.  Shhhh, don't tell 'cause I was a stowaway, remember? 
Here we go, up, up and away!
While we are at it, there is the safety stuff we have to listen to and of course I had to have my seat belt buckled.

There were plenty of magazines to read and you can even shop on the plane.

But oh, too much reading while I'm moving doesn't make Buffett a happy bird.

But once we landed it was on to the ship.  Wow, it's bigger than the last one.

Then there was more safety stuff, like the muster drill where we had to put the life vest on and stay on a hot deck while we find out what the light and whistle were for.  I figure I didn't need the whistle, hey, I'm a bird, you figure out the rest. 

Once that was over it was time for the sail away party.  Yep I went to this in the back pack.  And was able to come out and get on the back of my owner's nephew, Roy.  Oh but wait, there are two of them.  Mike said it was "Roy and Fake Roy."  Here they all are, Mike, Roy & Jerry (aka Fake Roy.)

Once the sail away ended, off we go to the Cruise Critic's meet & greet. These were the people my owner met online and they planned this event to meet each other in person.  My owner took me to the party and I met loads of new people.

And there were a lot of fruity drinks for me to sample.

There was dancng.

The cool Decade Girls were in the matching yellow T-shirts!  WTG, Carlene, Deb, Phyllis and ? (sorry.)  We saw them everywhere we went, kewl chicks.

Here was the whole group!!

Oh, boy, too many fruity drinks!

It was time for dinner so I picked out the wine!

My beak is getting worn out.  I think my owner's keyboard is going out so I'm not responsible for any typos in this cruise account.  It's just that I could have it finished quicker if it were not for the keys not working.  Dang it! 

Ah, but I digress once again!  That's just day one.

Sea day was next.  I met more of David's peeps.  Most were from Meigs Co TN but a few were from Cleveland, TN.  Oh, we also had West Virginia, Englewood TN, Nashville, TN, Toronto CA, and Kingsland GA represented.  A very diverse group of people.  On the day at sea is gambling, dancing, watching the  big screen, & sunning.  This day's pictures had to be censored!

Tina & Roy

Tommy & David Templeton

Tina shows off her tatoo!  Woohoo!

Dancing on the deck.

It was cool to watch movies at night on this huge screen.

Dress up night and I'm surrounded by some good looking studs.  Jerry, David, me, Jonathan.  Don't know where Roy was????

Me and Theda, see we can dress up too.  LOL

Pretty girls, (l-r) Tina, Theda, Carolyn, Jan, Kim, Sheila.  Don't know where Roy's Tina was????

Here are SOME of the boys, Tommy, Jonathan, David T, Bill, Kenny and David S.

Our beautiful hosts, David and Jan.

Ah, here they are, Roy and Tina, Hot, Hot, Hot

Here is the story behind the strawberry in Kim's plate.  Our waiter  gave Kim her plate and it was a very small square of strawberries.  She asked him what it was and he said it was her soup she ordered.  He served everyone else and we were having a blast with Kim's soup.  Then the waiter came over w/a creamer full of the "rest" of the soup.  At the time it was VERY funny.

Oh boy, I get to go up on deck.  I like traveling with Tina and Roy, they let me smoke and drink.

Now I get to lay out in the sun and get a tan.  Actually I'm feeling like I need to lie down for a while.

What I really wanted to do was go down the slide but my owner thought I would get too wet.  But Tina T and Kim would have caught me just like they did each other.

Jerry is waiting around on the others.

It was time for Grand Cayman to check out the Margaritaville.  So in I go in the backpack because we had to get on a tender (smaller boat to  take us ashore.)

Here is a view of our ship from the shore.

My owner has decided the post for the cruise will be in two parts so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time, Buffett! It sure was good of your owner to let you tell your side of the trip!

Margie and Roger said...

Ha ha ha - Buffet sure enjoyed himself on the cruise! Very funny! Roy and Tina seemed to be busy doing other things.