Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bon Voyage, Carolyn

My BFF, Debbie and her dh, Randy, gave a halloween bon voyage party for me as I was leaving Nashville.

Here they are in their finest Debbie's attempting to blow a bubble and Randy was in full scrubs "playing" a gynecologist.  Debbie, Randy and I met when I moved to Chattanooga in 1973.  They were duplex neighbors.  Debbie always said I was responsible for her going into labor with Melissa because of my spagetti she ate the night she went into labor.  She has always been there for me and I consider her my other sister.  Debbie and Randy are already on my calendar at Key West in May.
 All the guest came in their finest and it was such a good time.
My costume was that of Caribbean Queen.  I was getting ready to address my subjects from above and Debbie, says "look at all your guests."  I was too focused on what I was going to say and she repeated, "look at ALL your guests."

So I did, I looked closely at ALL my guests and standing in the middle of all my peeps, was my son, Jonathan.  He had flown in from So Ga and even dressed up, as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

No wonder I didn't recognize him right off.  I sure didn't expect to see him w/long blonde hair.  LOL

Here is a better view of mom and son, striking? 

Good long-time friend, Bill Williams, as Dracula.  Bill always has GREAT costumes and has won many contest.  In fact, he has beat me out of some good prizes.  Bill and I worked together as colleagues in different departments in state government.

Sandra Williams got creative with her black-eyed pea costume.  Sandra and I worked together in the Department of Personnel and have remained friends forever.  She's gonna keep up with me through my blog and Skype, plus she better come visit me sometime in Somewhere.

Cindy Walker was the Mardi Gras Queen.  Cindy opened her home to me when I sold my condo in April and was sure a gracious & patient hostess.  When I moved to Nashville in 1978, Cindy was responsible for me going to work for state government (do I thank her?) and we have been friends through thick and thin.

Ann and Clyde are my new found friends of eight years.  Ann was the first person I met when I went to work at the TN Wildlife Resources Agency.  It took me another four years to convience her to come work with me in my division.  She did and I'm glad she did.  Hate it that she has to stay there w/out me but she's the best worker and she will do well.  She was responsible for my retirement party and it was a doozy!

Where to begin with this crew?  Dare Bible, Hippie Chic, and I worked together in State Parks.  I have done so much knowing her that I would never have done.  Like?  Zip line at Fall Creek Falls, Rappelling off the falls, stayed in Pawley's Island at a private house for years with great friends, experienced losses of our soul mates and have some really good memories.
Ron and Sandy are soulmates from about 17 years ago when we worked on a project together at Environment & Conservation.  They say I'm responsible for them getting together.  I am glad I got the credit.  Dare, Ron, Sandy and I had lunch Sunday at Ellendales in Nashville before I left.  It was so good to refresh memories and share stories.  Love Ya Mean It!

Melissa and Glenn Atnip, Debbie's daughter & son-in-law have been married since 2002.  They came as Pharoh and Cleopatra and their costumes were so cute.  Melissa and Jonathan are about a year apart in age and they grew up playing Dukes of Hazard.  We took a lot of trips together and they were good company for each other.

Theda Young and I became friends when she was at Pinson Mounds State Park and then renewed our friendship when she became Park Manager at the Bicentennial Mall State Park.  She is the Law Dawg of the YaYa group.  She came to the party as a jail bird with shackles and cuffs.  She is a great caretaker and wonderfully devoted friend.  Theda is also scheduled to visit Key West this spring.  She is now the park manager at Johnsonville Historic State Park and she will be my mail forwarding service while I'm fulltiming.

Missi Dodge is a beautiful friend.  She has such a true heart and a positive outlook on everything.  She is Giggles in our YaYa group.  The other YaYa is Becky Hopper, Lotus, who is now in Henderson NV but came to the party via phone.  Missi and I met through work, however we became friends fast and we know we are there for each other, whenever.

New found friends, Sandra and Jim Hughey, were met through Debbie and Randy.  We have been to many functions together and they are such fun.  A memory I have of Sandra was when I was looking for a birthday present for Randy.  Debbie, Sandra and I went out to dinner and then we went to Hustler in Nashville to find a gag gift for Randy.  We went in and Sandra's mouth went open and her eyes were wide as this was the first time she had been in a place such as this.  It's funnier when told and I guess not so funny in the written word.  Their story of their experience on the "dude" ranch was funny.  If you knew Sandra you wouldn't think she could do cattle rustling.  I think Jim was justifying why he had genuine leather chaps and looked so comfortable in his "costume."

Here is a good picture of mother and daughter, Melissa and Debbie.

Next came the gifts which were totally unexpected but were so appreciated.  One think that I didn't have but really wanted was a camping recliner chair, several of the girls got together and I got one.  It's is just so cool, it's mesh so it will be quick to dry, it also has a locking mechanism so you don't tilt when it's in certain positions.  It's a Lufana.  I just had to try it out. 

Another very needed gift is my snorkling vest.  Safety first, you know.  This will help me keep up with my granddaughter, Taylor, when we go on our snorkling trips.
Of course what every good RVing woman would need is a flamingo beach towel.  Everything I need, a coozie that tells me "It's always 5 o'clock Somewhere and a nice bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey.  And a nice pillow that says "Home is where you hook up."

Oh but what would be a party without games?  There was a game and it had to do with a plunger and toilet paper.  It was fun and funny, here are the supplies and some shots of Jim and Sandra and Melissa and Sandra participating in the game.

And last but not least, what would a Queen be without her throne?
Oh, yes I did!  You all didn't think I would put it in here!



Margie and Roger said...

What great costumes! Glad you didn't bring that game to last year's TN GTG!!!!

Love your new chair!

Beckles said...

Great overview of the party. Sounds like a great time by all.