Sunday, November 8, 2009

Somewhere get's a bath

With a little coaxing (payolla) my great nephew Josh came over to get the top of Somewhere washed.  See I don't necessarily like getting on top of Somewhere so I asked Josh to help me out.  He did and she looks so much better.  I'm sure you can see the differences on the awning of how much it needed washing.

Of course if you do the top, it runs off down the sides so Ms Somewhere got a complete cleaning and he does great on tires.  Now we are ready to go!  Ha, we have been ready to go.  I'll be going but Somewhere will stay in Etowah until Christmas Day and then we will head south.
I read my friend, Margie's blog, this morning.  She is basking in the sunshine in Orlando soaking up the sun.  Good for you, girl!  I'll be down there soon.  LOL  Not particularily liking these cold morning when the propane kicks on with the thermostat set at 58 degrees.  Of course when I get up I turn on the little electric heater but Sedona and I don't like it really, really cold inside.

Heading to the Biltmore House tomorrow in Ashville NC.  I'm going with my sister's and their church group and it will be interesting to see the route we are going to take since the tunnel is closed on I 40 caused by a rock slide.  I'm sure our driver, Larry, will have a good route planned.


Margie said...

How lucky for you that you had someone give Somewhere a bath! I could never get up on the roof either - too afraid. Teenagers have no fear - and their bones heal faster too.

See ya' in Orlando soon. Went exploring the town today and then spent a couple of hours "in" the heated pool. Hurry up and get to warm weather! Our dogs love this weather - Sedona will too.

Margie said...

Couldn't remember if I told you how much we paid to get Phaez2 washed and waxed. $7 foot x 40 = $280. Some charge less than that, but Roger knew they used high quality products and saw previous work they had performed. We decided to put this into our budget to get her waxed once each year. Haven't seen anyone doing this work here in Florida yet.

Anonymous said...

Your last word on your blog was Later..., okay it's later,,,we all want an update on what you've been up to and what kind of trouble you've been getting into, LOL.