Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in So Georgia

Okay, okay, I've been shamed enough to say here I am and Thanksgiving was a wonderful day with family.  Jerry came down to visit, I cooked (don't faint) and then Taylor and Jerry decorated the tree and house.  My goodness it looks festive.

Here we are around the table (my self timer works great!) Taylor, Jerry, Me and Jonathan.  Notice the new color in the kitchen.  Yep, new paint!  Guess who??

Since Jonathan wasn't too mobile (notice the walker) I set him at the table and put him to work making coleslaw.

Jerry was in a festive mood.  He had to decorate the top of his head before he could get in the mood.  I think it looks cute.  It was a great day having other family in the house.

Taylor is hiding out in the tree.  Actually she was behind the tree making sure all the limbs were attached firmly.

Now she is up on the ledge putting up the UT Santas and other decorations.  Mama's ceramic tree works perfectly up there.  They put lights and everything up there. 

Everyone is in the act.  I have been giving Taylor Barbie ornaments since she arrived in this world in 1996.  They make a striking decoration on the tree, however, they are a pain to put up and take down.  They have kept the original boxes.  They make for a beautiful Barbie tree.

The efects of the lights at night.  I'm glad that I got to be around with family at Thanksgiving.  No telling where I'll spend next Thanksgiving.  This one was special.

I've been here abou three weeks.  Jonathan had hip surgery and is doing quite well.  His surgery was to delay him in getting a hip replacement.  He has to be on crutches/walker for another three weeks.  They had to shave the femur so much that if he breaks it, there will be no question as to whether he will have to have a replacement sooner.  He is being really good and doing everything he is supposed to do.  He went back to work this week.  Dr Woo said he had the hip of a 60 yo and won't know for about three months whether it did what the Doc wanted.  Keep your prayers coming.

I've managed to clean the house while I've been here and taken Taylor to swim.  It's been nice doing brix & stix stuff but remind me if I ever get a hankering to clean, paint, wash windows, that I'm CRAZY!  LOL

While I've been here I ran by A Big Wheel Park to check out my site for January.  I walked around and checked the place out.  I'm gonna like where I'll be.  But, I measured Jonathan's driveway and guess what?  Yep Somewhere will fit so...

It's been fun but time for me to move on.  I head to Orlando on Sunday then back to New Johnsonville for a while.  I've got a great project to work on when I get to Theda's house and then head to East TN for Christmas.


Beckles said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!

Margie said...

Thanks for the update on Jonathan - I had been wondering how he was doing. You sure can't deny that son or granddaughter - they look like their mama. Enjoy Orlando. I'm anxious to hear about the great project at Theda's.