Wednesday, November 4, 2009

McMinn Central Class of 1969

It finally happened, our 40th class reunion.  It was a success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  It was held at the C&W Drive-In on the north end of town.  One of our classmates is part owner so it seemed the logical place to have it.  It was casual dress and everyone was able to stand or sit around and talk about old times.  It was good to see everyone and hear of other's memories.

Our t-shirts were donated by another classmate, Jamie, who owns Chota in Englewood TN.  There were 87 people in attendance and for 6 weeks preparation, I think that was a good turnout.  We had 2 principals who attended and one teacher. 

Everyone wanted another reunion soon.  That would be nice if THEY want to get it together.  It takes a lot of time and planning to pull this off.  Joyce Farley and Paul Williams were tireless in getting in contact with everyone.  Nancy Anderson Dalton did a great job with all the pictures, nametags and memories.  Susie Bledsoe kept it going forward.  I'm still not sure what I did except get us together initially.  It was fun, thanks everyone for coming and for working hard.  It wouldn't have happened w/out you.

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Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like you had a great reunion. You sure are a party animal.