Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Camera Canon SX120IS

I just couldn't stand being w/out a camera so I bit the bullet and found a good one at a discount price.  It's a Canon 10 MP 10XOptical Zoom.  It's a little heavier than I'm used to so I'll see how I like it.  I love the results.  Here are a few shots.

Here is parrot, no not Buffet.  Parrot records what is being said by people and then it can be played back.  My Mama really loved this and I have kept it.  I can remember the jokes she used to play on folks.

Here is sock monkey.  I got him as a toy for Sedona but she didn't like it too much so it just rides on the dash.  Good practce zooming with new camera

Here is a close up of Sedona.  I was trying out the different zooms and settings on  the camera.

Of course I had to try out the Power T from my pillow.  Color is great.

We had our first fire at Mark's.  First fire shot with the camera.  Fire was started with my fire starters made with toilet paper cores, dryer lint and candle wax.

Tina (Tinski) and Roy cuddle up 'cause it was cold.

Here are Tina, Roy, Mark, and me.  It was so much fun sitting out on such a cold, clear night. We were sharing stories from the past.  I like how my camera worked at night.

Same ones except we added Jerry (fake Roy) to round out the evening.


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