Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pet Peeve-Dog Poop

I am a responsible dog owner. That means I pick up after Sedona when she goes poop. Mind you she poops the size of tootsie rolls but I still pick up after her. I have been here for over a month and I have never seen poop in the dog park, on the walking path or anywhere like I have the last two days.

I went to take Sedona for her morning constitution and there was a "horse" size pile of poop on the walk. I went to the dog park and there were two unpicked up piles of dog poop. What is wrong with these pet owners? It's irresponsible. Pick up after your dog no matter where you are. No one likes to see it or step in it.

The park has filled up with people wanting to enjoy the Memorial Day holiday and I understand that but it doesn't mean you leave your good sense at the door and let your animals poop wherever without picking it up. The park furnishes plastic bags for you. USE THEM!



Beckles said...

Do you have to use a magnifying glass to find Sedona's poop??!!

Margie and Roger said...

On holiday weekends the amateurs come out. Full-timers try to avoid RV parks on holidays because of that. When the amateurs leave, the poop will leave too (hopefully).

Bob Dougherty aka Phred Firecloud said...

We were in Black Bart's RV Park in Sedona last summer. I stepped out in the dark and into a giant pile of fresh poop which I tracked all over the RV carpet.

I put my tennis shoes in the basement and cleaned up as well as I could.

In the morning I saw a small fifth wheel with a middle-aged couple and three kids and a dog. My guess was that they had been living permanently in the park for some time because of the economy.

The dog was a female Wiemeranian which came by on a long leash in the morning to lick my hand.

I think the morale of that story is use a always flashlight at night and never curse the darkness.