Friday, May 28, 2010

A Pontoon Boat at the Keys

I want to apologize to my regular readers for not posting in such a while but I have been a busy little beaver.

I have had the privilege of meeting a great couple, Bobby and Sharon Sarvis of North Florida. They were staying in Bluewater Key RV Resort. They invited me to spend some time on the water with them. They said you can’t really enjoy the keys until you get out in them. Wow, were they ever right. The first day we went to Marvin and Snipe Keys. We did some playing and some snorkling. We anchored and got out at what I think would be party cove in a fresh water lake. It was so pretty and there were a lot of boats anchored with children and dogs. You just meet the nicest people in campgrounds.

Anyway we got to spend more time together at lunch and dinner on various occasions. They even decided to stay a little longer. Here are some additional pictures you can enjoy of the surrounding keys and the beautiful water. As usual click for larger images. Later...

1 comment:

Sharon said...

We miss the Keys! Wish we could have stayed longer. We had a great time
with you and Sedona. See you soon.

Sharon and Bobby