Sunday, May 30, 2010

Salt Water Fishing and Sedona

Went on the pontoon boat and Sedona was invited. We went to West Washerwoman's Key and Boca Grande Key. I took her life jacket and put it on her but she was too hot so I took it off. She wasn't going anywhere. She stuck to me or Sharon like glue. When we anchored I took her out and let her swim a little and she would head right toward the steps. She knew where she wanted to go and it was out of the water. So I took her out a little farther and around she turned and headed back to the steps. She's a smart little one.

Then we walked to a sand bar and I carried her and when we got almost there I put her down and she turned around and started swimming for the boat. Finally she was convinced when her feet touched the sand. She then took off and started running and playing, chasing birds and wallowing in the sand. It was good to see her romping and running and having fun. After we were finished looking for treasures, Sedona was ready to go. I carried her part way and then when we got close to the boat she swam right to the steps. She's a good water dog. You will see that she wore herself out and slept for the rest of the day.

While she was sleeping, Sharon decided to fish and she caught several small grunts. So named because when you take them off the hook, they make a noise like a grunt. Bobby decided I needed to fish too. I told him, I don't do baiting of hooks and I don't take fish off the hooks. He had no problems with that. He baited my hook with a live shrimp,yep the kind you eat. Anyway, 2 seconds later I pull in a little yellow fin. Yippee, but it's so small. That's why it got thrown back in. A few little grunts for me and then the big one, a parrot fish. So pretty but those can't be kept either but the fun part of watching Bobby get it off the hook. See the teeth are very sharp because they chew the coral that makes sand. I'm sure those teeth would hurt if they got hold of you finger. See why I don't do taking fish off the hook. Oh but it was so pretty. A blue parrot fish, I think.

After we finished fishing, Bobby went into the water to do a little spear fishing. He got a hogfish big enough to keep and a few grunts to use for additional bait. He was hoping to get a cooler full of hogfish to take back to his "buddies" at home, guess to prove he was actually here. LOL No cooler full but a pretty good mess.

This was a good day on the water. It was a little rough to snorkle so when we got back a little early, I did what Sedona had done all afternoon! Snoozed.


Beckles said...

You little fish was colorful!! How wonderful to be invited on this trip as well as the previous post!

Anonymous said...

I love the Sedona swimming story....what do people do that don't have dogs? I always enjoy "seeing" the adventures through their senses as well as our Hooman ones. Oh that water looks so inviting!


Margie and Roger said...

Sedona is such a little sweetie. She sure looks tired from a big day of swimming. Those parrot fish are so pretty.