Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day


To all the mothers out there, hope your day is special. I miss my Mama. Martha Moore was such a loving, giving and caring person to everyone. I got my values and beliefs from her. This pictures was taken some time ago and it shows Mama (far right), Sisters Shirley and Wanda and me. If she were still here, she would be going on some of my trips with me. I love you, Mama!
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Beckles said...

Great picture of all of you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this special day.

dianne said...

Very good pic of all of you girls! It has been so long since I have seen Shirley, Wanda and you. I never saw your mom when she wasn't smiling. I am very fortunate to still have my mom with me. I just don't want to think of it any other way. I wish Martha was still with you girls!