Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bahia Honda State Park

Yesterday was a beach day and it was decided we would go to Bahia Honda State Park. I have heard many times about this beach being on the top 10 list as best beaches for the Travel Channel and travel magazines. The Atlantic side of this beach reminded me of St Kitts in the Caribbean. The waters are beautiful.

We chose the bay side beach as the winds were blowing and being in this cove gave us protection from so much wind. This cove was between the "new" road and the "old" road/railroad. The park has has preserved the old road/railroad as an interpretive model to show the beginnings of the area. They have good signage telling what went on when the railroad was built and then the road over it. When camping began in 1966 cost of a campsite was $2.06 per night. No that is not a typo it was truly that inexpensive. So those of RVer have been traveling down US 1 for as long as they opened it. The saying "build it and they will come" is true down here.

There is a lot of sea grass in the water and along the shore. We saw many little fish swimming around people. Guess they are used to this many visitors. We drove over to the cabins and they looked very nice. There are only about 8 and they rent for $120 per night + taxes. That's comparable to the cabins in TN state parks. If they are anything like their camp sites, you can't ever get a reservation because of the popularity. A surprise to me was the entrance price for the park. It was $4.50 per person not per car. All the other parks in FL where I've had to pay was per car. We paid it and it was well worth it. Seems like this might be a potential for a work camper place some time.

The park has an amphitheatre with a big screen facing the Atlantic. It would be great to watch movies by the sea or for a sunrise service for worship. It is tucked into a nice area on the Atlantic side. There are plenty of bath houses and an interpretive center. The kisok's that explain the bridge and surrounding area is very interactive.

I would highly recommend this as a stop over on the way to the keys or as a place to backtrack and spend a little time, if you can't get a reservation. I'm gonna try that 11 months out of when I want to come back.

One of my readers asked me about the "skeeters" down here. So far, knock on wood there have been none nor no seeums. Maybe the breeze has kept them away or maybe it's not the time of the year but I haven't been bothered by them. Hopefully I won't 'cause I did in Titusville and it wasn't pretty or comfortable. LOL



Dianne said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the tropical beaches!

Sharon said...

What a life! Sorry you're having such an awful time! LOL! I love the beachs in Fla, not so much here in SoCal, water's always cold.

Beckles said...

Gorgeous! Love the pix and the story!!

Margie and Roger said...

Beautiful photos - Yes it does look like the Caribbean.