Friday, May 7, 2010

What's was up this week?

My friend, Theda, left on Wednesday. Here she is in the pool getting news that her park was flooded from the recent rains. It's been hot, hot, hot! But thank goodness for the pool. It's really not that hot, it's only around 85 degrees but the humidity must be about 110%. Also being on the water with the breezes help when I'm back home (aka RV.)

I don't have it as bad as my friends have it back in Nashville. In case you have been in a cave lately, Nashville flooded last weekend. Thanks goodness for a computer because the news coverage on TV was nothing. My friend, Sandra, had to be evacuated by boat. She said it came up so quickly it was frightening. She lives in a townhouse and the first floor was completely underwater. When she went back to her townhouse the next day, there were volunteers walking through the neighborhood helping move furniture to the street, ripping carpets up and doing whatever needed to be done. She didn't have flood insurance because, get this, if you are not in a flood plane you can't get flood insurance. Does that make sense? She has made application to FEMA but they won't know for a while if they are approved in that neighborhood. Keep her in your prayers. It sure feels strange for all that going on and me down here in paradise.

Another friend, Becky, has a sister Pat who also had to be evacuated. Not sure of their status but I did read on facebook that they had flood insurance.

My friend, Margie, is in TN too. She and Roger are headed West or Westward Ho as they say. They are on dry land as they are on a hill in their son's driveway. Thank goodness everyone I know is okay. Things can be replaced. Everyone has their health and their lives.

The Women's RV forum, that I read and respond to all the time, adopted the flamingo as their mascot. Tuesday, Theda and I went to a great little store, Neat Stuff. They really do have neat stuff. I got a flamingo hat and shirt. I'm ready for another Women's RV get together (gtg) whenever. Sedona wasn't too sure about the hat. Notice that the flamingo on my head, Ezmeralda, has flip flops on. Yep, I think she is ready for a gtg.

Here are some new pictures of the sunset taken from the car on the way back from downtown.



Anonymous said...

Carolyn, I think someone gave your friend some bad info. She can get flood insurance. Our home isn't in a high risk flood zone and we bought it and flooded 3 months later! She can find an insurance agent that participates by going to

Looks like yall had fun in the pool, hope you didn't get too sunburned, ouch!

Margie and Roger said...

I can't decide if I like the hat or shirt better. Love the flip flops. Oh how I miss the pool. By the way, it's in the 40's in Nashville this morning. Lucky you in Key West. Happy Mother's Day.