Friday, May 28, 2010

Randy & Debbie's Trip

Oh the excitement was building on Tuesday, I couldn't wait for my best friends, Randy and Debbie to arrive for a visit at my little piece of paradise. They flew into Ft Lauderdale and drove down the keys. Randy brought along his golf clubs to he could go hit a few and that gave me and Debbie an opportunity to do whatever we wanted. Uh, can you say pool time? Only thing was the time went too quickly.

The managers of the .net part of Bluewater Key RV Resort, Ken and Candy, had been fishing that day and offered some tuna steaks and fillets of dolphin fish. Of course I would take them, just in time for my friend's visit. So that's what we had for dinner with Randy cooking, of course. I fixed a few lemon drops and mango & strawberry daiquiris while we waited for dinner. But what birthday dinner would be complete without a birthday cake, Randy celebrated his ?? birthday with us in Paradise.

They loved my site. Guess pictures just didn't do it justice. Gee, do you think I may have talked them into giving this lifestyle a try? Never know but I'll definitely let you know if that ever happens.

We also went to Old Town Key West and did a little of the Duval crawl beginning at the Sunset Pier so Randy could shoot a few pictures of the sunset. Then we headed to Sloppy Joes with a stop in a few stores to shop. Debbie found a pretty cool top that was made in FL. She has lost so much weight that she can shop in stores now that don't require plus sizes. Good for her.

Our stop at Sloppy Joes was a good one. Turns out the music that was playing was music we could all relate to, our era. We were getting into rocking down but I thought we couldn't leave Duval without going down to the Green Parrot Bar. They always have great entertainers so off we go. We get there and the music was a bummer and there wasn't a lot going on there so we head out again, making our way back to the car.

The next time we went to town was to celebrate Randy's birthday with a show at the LaTeDa. It's a cabaret and Christopher was sure to entertain us with all his characters. I kept telling everyone it was Randy's birthday hoping he would get good and embarrassed but alas, not to happen. Debbie and I were able to sit back and relax while Randy was not sure when the shoe would drop for him. Ha, Ha, it never did but it was a fun night. A little expensive but worth it all for the fun we had.

While Randy & Debbie were here they were invited out on the pontoon boat to enjoy the keys from a different perspective. The evening before we went on the boat we had a potluck with new friends, Bobby and Sharon. I cooked some ribs and Sharon brought some potato salad and fresh tomatoes. It was a good evening meal. For dessert we had smores. I pulled out my little campfire I won at the Fl womens forum get together and roasted marshmallows. We added a twist of bananas and strawberries on them and they are quite tasty that way. Seems that Bobby had never had a smores before. WHAT? I didn't think there was one person in this world who had never had smores. Oh well, now he knows what he is missing.

I put Randy to work. Yep, right up on top of Somewhere to give her top a bath. So he worked hard that day but he also played hard. He took my kayak out to give her a spin. Took him a little bit to get used to it but then he settled down when he figured out he wasn't going to tip over. So a big thanks to Randy for getting my roof clean. Of course after he did that, I had to was the rest of it to get everything from the top off the sides.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you all how well Sedona is doing meeting new people and being a friendly little girl. She is shy and puts her head down and her little but up for anyone to pet her but she is not snapping anymore and she is becoming more social.



Margie and Roger said...

Well, it's about time that you posted and took a break from all that fun you have been having! Really enjoyed all the album photos. Your sunset photos are better than mind - you have water in yours, I have a desert.

Looks like you are still letting your hair grow longer. Mine is really getting long - hoping for a short pony tail and ball cap soon - lots of wind here.

Beckles said...

Fun times once again!! Good for you!! Good for Randy and Deb! Great pix.