Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jupiter Lighthouse

Here is the Jupiter Lighthouse at the inlet of the Loxahatchee River and the Atlantic Ocean. There are 110 steps to the top and I walked up and of course down each and every one of them. Thankfully they have landings where you can catch your breath. I pretended to look out the windows at the view, now how silly was that.

From the top one could see forever. It was a nice clear day. The guide siad that Olivia Newton John was married on Jupiter Beach and she showed us her house. It's the one with the tile roof. Also, the smaller house is where Perry Como lived. I also learned that Tiger Woods has just purchased 10 acres some on the ocean and river side with the road cutting between. Also Celine Dion has purchased on the island. Jupiter has the highest per capita $$ thank anywhere else.

The buildings on the property are housing for the Coast Guard but the CG does not maintain the lighthouse. It is owned and operated by volunteers and sort of like a "friends group." The grounds are maintained very well and the tours are very professionally done.

Also while I was in the area I wanted to see the Burt Reynolds museum. Every day I went there it was closed. I don't know if it is because during this time was when he was in the hospital with his heart surgery. I doubt it. The place looked like it was ready to close. I didn't go to the Burt Reynolds Park. Now I'm showing my age, I really like Burt Reynolds.


Beckles said...

Sounds like another good day. Not silly at all to see the view! I can remember being on a walk with a park ranger years ago, and needed to rest. She smiled and said "let's stop and see the wildflowers"!! And there weren't any wildflowers.....but I caught my breath!! The ranger told me to always just stop and gaze at something whenever a break is ever needed!! And I still do.

And speaking of Burt Reynolds, I still have my issue of Cosmopolitan with his famous pose!! Yes, I like him also!

Margie and Roger said...

I used to have a huge crush on Burt Reynolds - when I worked for State Farm we had him insured. When he had to mail us something I kept it for years - finally threw it away when we left TN. I saw Burt's dad at their ranch/museum years ago.

My mom talked with Perry Como one day while we were at a garden center in Jupiter - he had his leg in a cast I think or was on crutches.

We bought our first boat at a marina next to the Jupiter lighthouse.

Thanks for the memories.