Sunday, April 11, 2010

John Prince County Park Campground, Lake Worth FL

Wow, what a county park. John Prince Park has everything to offer the population of Palm Beach County. They have an aquatic center and golf learning center in addition to the usual soccer, baseball, basketball and tennis courts. There are 277 camping sites and several are on the water. The Osborne Lake runs through the park. Plenty of ski boats, jet skis, sail boats and birds keep camper entertained. I was surprised that there are so many skiers and tubes out there since there are alligators in the lake. Nope not me.

Most of my time spent here has been in home projects but now that I'm finished with that I'll begin exploring the area and hope the clouds move out so I can enjoy the nearby beaches. Nice thing about the area is there is a constant wind, in fact too windy for awnings, but that makes the hot temperatures bearable.

I also took some pictures of the playground for my friend Theda so she could see the kind of materials they put around the play area. It's soft and seems to hold up well. Bet it costs a pretty penny and won't be in the budget of TN State Parks.

Price is very reasonable especially the longer you stay the larger the discount. Lake side lots are for 14 days or less. Water, sewer, electrical 30/50 amp, no swimming and no cable. Would I stay here again, absolutely. Oh and it's got a great place for dogs.



Anonymous said...

Looks very nice.


Margie and Roger said...

You might not want to go to MacArthur Beach up in Juno - it's a gay beach! Didn't know that when Roger and I strolled the beach years ago. I thought all the guys were staring at me (thin and in a bikini at that time!). Then I realized it was a gay beach and the guys were staring at Roger!

John Prince Park looks great. I like those squares around the playground. Would make a nice patio at the back of our lot. Wonder what it is called or who manufactures it?