Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Oh what a day in paradise. Theda, Sedona and I went to the beach. Higgs beach as a matter of fact. It was time for Sedona to go into the water when it was not so cold. She didn't like it either but she sure can swim. She is so funny that when you lift her out of the water, her little legs keep on moving as if she is still in the water. She had a good time and loved getting back to her little "house." As we were sitting in the sun, a police officer came by and asked what was in the "house." We told him a dog, he came over closer and said I hate to tell you but you can't have dogs on this beach and told us where the dog beach was. We had all had enough sun so it was time to pack up and come back home. Now we know where the dog beach is in case we want to take her back.

On the way back home we stopped at Fish Busters to buy some fresh stone crab claws, they are in season right now. Fish Busters is a fish house that is right at the docks and they have huge trucks going in and out to pick up fresh fish. There is a restaurant and fish market there. They split them for us so there would be little work for us, just like at Outback, ha! So we come home I put in some new potatoes, corn on the cob and shrimp to boil in a big pot and Theda and I ended up with a wonderful dinner. Doesn't it look delicious. We ate it like a regular crab boil, with our fingers. Yummy!

After we ate we went to Big Pine Key to take a look at the Blue Hole. While there we saw a turtle, fish and an alligator. He was a fast guy too. We had not been there very long when we saw him. We figured he smelled Sedona and was on his way to get her. We decided he was close enough and it was time to leave.

On our way back we passed some Key Deer on the highway. These deer are protected. In fact if you are driving down Hwy 1 at night the speed limit is 35 mph through Big Pine Key.



Margie and Roger said...

You guys are having too much fun. Sedona looks like a great swimmer. I'm envying your nice weather. Never ate a stone crab claw but I love crab legs - is the taste similar? Do you think you'll ever take a workamping job in the Keys?

Sharon said...

I agree with Margie, you're having way to much fun!! Margie's stuck in 'Bama and I'm stuck here...'taint fair! LOL! You go girl, you deserve it! Tell Theda Hi and to keep you on the path.