Sunday, April 18, 2010

My day of laundry, swimming and kayaking

It was supposed to be t'storming today so I planned to get the laundry done and just veg. Woke up to beautiful sunshine so decided to go ahead and do the laundry. After I put the loads in to wash, walked out to the pool and swam a little and did some water aerobics. It felt so good. Back to switch to the dryer and more swimming. Met Paul from CA at the laundry/pool. It was good to talk to him. This is his 2nd time down in the same site. His site has a 30X30 cabana on it and it overlooks the bay. Very nice!

Came back to Somewhere and put the clothes away, hung some out to dry and fixed some lunch. Sedona and I were sitting out on the deck and I thought it was time to blow up the kayak. The humidity is sure up and it was tempting to jump in the water to cool off but I decided against that. I knew if I did that I would never make it out ON the water.

It was no problem getting into the kayak so I went down the canal and out to the bay but the wind was up without the protection of the mangroves. I took pictures of some of the other RV sites. My site has the blue chairs and the RV hosts have the one blue chairs with the boat in front of the dock. There is a big iguana in the trees if you look closely and then the one of just the water shows where the tide is coming in.

I've added a few more decorations to my tiki hut so thought I would share those with you too.



Beckles said...

What a gorgeous place. It's as though you have your own little Margariteville! For sure it's paradise.

Margie said...

Yes, it sure looks like Margaritaville to me too! Love your added decor. Especially the blender.

Anonymous said...

What a rough life! You deserve every moment of it! Does Sedona go in the kayak with you?