Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breezy to 15 mph; gusty to 30 mph

That was the forecast when I departed John Prince Campground in Palm Beach County so I knew there would be some wind in my travels today. I decided to head inland and take the Florida Turnpike S and that was a very good move until I hit Homestead. That's when the gusts took over. I'm sure it was at least 30 mph and maybe more. I spent $17.60 in tolls but the road was better and the traffic was very good. Somewhere handles well in the wind, it's the driver who gets all tense.

I didn't want to get too stressed for the drive down US 1 so I found a campground that had a pull through, so I don't have to unhook the Grey Goose. I'll stay the night and be all fresh for my retirement trip to the Keys. Oh and propane is $5.00 gal here, ouch, glad I only needed a few gallons to top off the tank.


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Margie said...

OMG Propane at $5 a gallon! Never heard of it that high.