Thursday, April 22, 2010

A potluck, Iguanas, and the Beach


Rita in Pink

Yesterday was potluck at the clubhouse for everyone at the resort. Theda and I took deviled eggs and they were a hit. There were about 30 people who showed up and lots of good food. One couple who had stayed here last year but couldn't get in this year and are staying at Geiger Key RV Resort came and they brought fresh tuna nachos. OMG they were delicious. They were made with fresh tuna, seaweed, some kind of sauce on a terrific handmade tortilla chip. Yummy!! The ham and smoked chicken were furnished and everyone else brought the other dishes. It was so good to meet some of the folks, visitors and owners alike.
Rita, the woman I have dealt with on renting my site, is the owner of 5 sites and she has 15 others that rent through her. Her website is different than the homeowners association that also rents sites here. The managers for Rita's sites are Candy and Ken, the couple in the picture. Cool couple. They are from NC and have been down here for two years. They came as visitors and then went home to sell everything and came back and have been here ever since.

We see an iguana and sometimes more every day. Sedona is a little unsure about what they are doing in her space. She never barks she just stares them down and then they get the head dancing thing going and off they go to swim or to the neighbor next door.
And this little guy climbed up wanting one of my frozen mango daiquiris. He didn't get one though. Look closely on the corner of the cabinet in front of the blender.

Theda and I drove up to Marathon today because they were releasing a loggerhead turtle from the Turtle Hospital. We stopped an ate a good breakfast and then headed up past the 7 mile bridge. We went over to Coco Plum Beach and everyone was pulling out. They started early and evidently the turtle was in a hurry to find a girlfriend 'cause he was already gone. They had too many earth day activities to do today so they started earlier than posted. I hate it we missed it but the beach was pretty nice. It is mostly a dog beach so we will have to go back and take Sedona.

One guy told us about another beach in Marathon that we should try because it was more of a people beach. The name of it was Sombrero Beach. It was nice but small and had lots of rocks around the area.



Beckles said...

Coco Plum Beach is so pretty! The water is very calm....wonder if it is most of the time. Sounds like another good day. Can't wait to hear more!!

Margie said...

First of all I want to say "Hi Theda". Looks like you guys are enjoying the Keys. That potluck looked good - but somehow tuna and nacho doesn't compute for me.

We've been through thunderstorms and tornado watch - yes, we miss Florida. Consider yourselves lucky to still be there. Would you consider buying a site there some day?

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Margie, I would buy down here in a minute if I had that kind of money. It's absolutely beautiful. The maintenance fee alone would get me. Ha Ha.