Friday, February 26, 2010

RV Show in Jacksonville FL

Yesterday I drove up to Jacksonville to the RV show to see what vendors were there and I wanted to look around at the new coaches. I bought some QuicknBrite cleaning products (supposed to be the only cleaner one ever needs) and as soon as I use it I'll give you feedback. Then I purchased some tape and Velcro strips and when I use those I'll let you know too. The one thing I bought that I've been looking for is a motion light for my porch light. It's LED so when I get that installed (means I have to take my ladder down from the back) I'll take a picture and post it. Only thing about the motion light is when my little critters visit again, my light will go on and off during the night. LOL

I'm now a member of Passport America which provides a 50% discount on campsites at certain member campgrounds. Should pay for the membership of $44. within a couple of stays in RV parks. By signing up at the RV show I got 6 months additional and the book which I would have paid $5 to have it shipped. If anyone signs up and mentions my member # I get $10 referral fee for ea new member. I only joined for 1 year because I want to make sure I'll be using the campgrounds listed in the book.

Next at the RV show is the LazyDays seminar that focused on RV maintenance. I was the only one at the seminar so it was like having my own private RV service technician for an hour to ask questions and take notes. It was just so cool and Steve was patient and very helpful. LazyDays is more than a place to sell RVs, it's a lifestyle. When I'm in the Tampa area I'll definitely stop by, they gave me a 2 night free site so what the heck. I will check it out.

So today, I took my notes out and flushed my water heater, cleaned around my refrigerator and furnace. I also put dog flea collar strips in each of those things 'cause Steve told me it will keep the spiders and dirt dobbers out of those areas. So I'm ready to repel the little varmints. Steve also told me that when I'm parked for a long period of time to have a full tank of gas and put a product called Stabil in the gas tank. So I picked up some today at Walmart to use when I'm in Key West for 3 months and they asked for my ID, seems you have to be over 18 to buy the stuff. I asked why and the young clerk said it's used for huffing. Oh, well.

My black & grey tanks are about full and I so hate to break down and go dump before Monday. I leave here then and am trying to hold out until then to dump. So I've been going to the bathhouse for the bathroom and showers. Now that it's turning a little colder and Fl State Park bathhouses are NOT heated I sure do hate the idea of going down there tomorrow for my shower. Guess it might just be a sink bath tomorrow.

I know, too much information (TMI) so sorry about that.

It's bike week and this park has filled up quickly today. No more room for anyone else. Nice bikes and nice rigs carrying them in. I'm sure that they don't like riding those shinny bikes on this dirt road.

Okay I digressed from the topic of this post but when I finally got started on this post I couldn't stop. I appreciate everyone making comments, I read every one, in fact I have to read them and approve they be posted. There is just no way for me to email back to you to respond to your comment. So if you ask questions, check back at the post and see if I have answered them. Several of us have the same problem with commenting back to our readers, seems that hasn't come up with a way for us to do that. Anyway, keep you comments coming, I like them.

Also, I don't know if I have mentioned the ads on my page, guess I could look back at my posts and see if I have mentioned Google Ads but this will just serve as a reminder. If you see something that interests you on my site, clicking into the ads will give me a few cents. After I get enough clicks, Google will deposit those added cents to my bank account. You don't have to buy anything but just clicking helps.



Margie and Roger said...

Glad you enjoyed the RV Show. Will be anxious to read how QuicknBrite works. Lucky you having the maintenance seminar all to yourself. Maybe the motion light will help the raccoons find food in the dark.

Yep, Passport America pays for itself very quickly - if you use it. One of my favorite parks was a Passport America one and a great bargain.

We have a coupon for LazyDays too - maybe we could go next winter together for a couple of days. We haven't been there yet.

Just found your recipe blog!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, I signed up for Passport America at Nick Russell's last Ohio Rally. I have used it a couple of time and even not full-timing feel that I will get my money back. Traveling in Jan. heading north along the FL east coast. I started getting tired and made a decision that I needed to change my plans and just stop. Found the closest PA campgground and even though the book clearly informed me that the discount was NOT available for the months of Jan and Feb the manager gave me a partial discount for letting him know that I found them by using the PA book! And regarding the TMI regarding mini bathing. I think it is important to share. Go to any Boondocking seminar and they will tell you, wet wipes can be your best friend and save lots of water. Unless it is hot and we are climbing mountains or working in dirt, just how filthy are we? I also think there is another name for that type of bath but I will save that for around the campfire. LOL

Tina and the furry ones...

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on how well the QuicknBrite works. I'm always on the lookout for a good all purpose cleaner that isn't caustic. If you recommend it, I'll order it !

Anonymous said...

I have been a Quick n Brite user since I first bought the product years ago on TV. I LOVE IT! I use it in my holding tank (which I saw you were having to dump soon ;) Add about a half gallon of the heavy solution (which is 2/3 cup quick n brite to 1 gallon of hot water) in the toilet bowl then dump it into the tanks and add it to the gray water tank also. We always pour the solution in before we start driving and it is a GREAT deodorizer. (and far cheaper!)

Great product, would definitely recommend.