Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nutin' Much

My neighbor, Mary Lou, ordered some socks and brought them over for me to see. I loved them so much I had to order a pair and now I wish I had ordered more. I love their saying that "Life is too short to match socks." I have to agree. They are comfortable too. I got the anklets while Mary Lou ordered the regular socks. Fun!

Right now I'm staying in Jonathan's house while he is away having a Valentine weekend and Taylor is at her Mom's for the weekend. Jonathan has a Dyson vacuum cleaner so I thought I would take the opportunity to give Somewhere a good cleaning while I'm here. OMG, I felt like I had been visited by a salesman where they come into your house and vacuum one spot and it looks disgusting. Well I vacuumed one spot and it was disgusting. So now I have a fresh carpet and it conveniences me that I need to get most of that carpeting out. I'll have to check to see if they have a small one to haul around.

When I left A Big Wheel RV Park in St Mary's I had some fire wood left over. So I loaded it up in Grey Goose and plan on hauling it with me. No use in letting good wood go to waste especially when it was free. Glad it's so cold, hopefully I'll not contaminate GG with insects. Ugh, gotta get that stuff burned.

Jonathan has a dog, Barbie, and a cat, Sassy. I've been trying to get those two and Sedona together for a "family" picture to no avail. Sedona get's along better with Sassy than Barbie, go figure. She's a cat lover.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day tomorrow. Don't forget the candy goes 1/2 price on Monday. LOL


Beckles said...

Love your socks....can't wait till mine arrive! I've heard that the Dyson's are super. We're still using an "oldie but goody" vacuum cleaner, but one of these days I know it'll go.

Happy Valentine to you also. When do the kids get back?

Margie and Roger said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Those socks are so cute! What a clever idea!

Roger should have invented that saying "Life is too short to match socks". I got tired of matching his socks and just put them in his drawer loose. He quickly got tired of matching them too. One day he announced that he had thrown all his socks away and bought all new socks - all black, all the same brand. Now when a sock gets worn out, he throws them all away and buys all new socks! He has one or two pairs of white socks that he wears when golfing.

Anonymous said...

I love your colorful socks !!! They look warm and comfy !!!