Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terrific Weekend

I have been looking so forward to this weekend because a couple of my internet (though I think we are past the internet part)friends were coming over to see me. They are from the Women RV forum. Nan arrived on Friday around 5:00 and as soon as she got her rig set up she and here min-pin, Bear, came over and we sat by the fire got caught up on news. Did I every tell you that I love company???

Saturday morning Margie drove over from Orlando for the day. She and Nan had never met so it was good to do those introductions. Margie is my friend from Tennessee. She and her husband Roger are full timers. Margie also has a blog that is a most interesting blog on fulltiming.

Nan is a handy person and she had shown me at the FL GTG a sun screen that she had made. I purchased the fabric and grommets and Nan got busy. So out came the bloody mary's and to work she went. Of course, Margie and I were just admiring her work. It was unreal how much difference that fabric made in the temperature. It was a lot cooler behind the fabric. I believe that will help as I move farther down the coast. Big Thanks, Nan.

It was time for lunch and I had made chili (thought it was going to be cool)but being behind the shelter of the new sunscreen we enjoyed lunch and cool refreshing margaritas. It was a great day.

Finished product! Photo a little blurry.


Beckles said...

Very nice! It can also serve as a privacy screen....should you want privacy!!

Cindy said...

I love do it yourself projects. Of course it's even better shared with friends!! The wall shade looks great. What type of material did you get and where? Thanks for the fun stories! If you are ever in San Antonio us a ring.

Texas Cindy and Walker

Anonymous said...

Looks like the three of you had a productive AND relaxing day. Good job, Nan, on the shade. I was surprised that Margie was holding Sedona. When she nipped at Mitch at the TN GTG I didn't think she liked people to get close to her, maybe she's a better judge of people, LOL.

Margie and Roger said...

Thanks for a wonderful day. I think we both needed it! You are a great hostess and I enjoyed the chili and the drinks a lot. When I look at the photo you took of me, I felt it showed that I was really having a great visit with you and Nan. Wish I could have stayed longer because I don't think any of us had run out of things to talk about. I had a good trip back - 2 hours. Thanks for introducing me to Nan - she is great. Hope to see you again in March.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed catching up on your adventures. The trip to Cumberland Island looked wonderful. I really enjoyed Jack's tongue in cheek narrative of the hike. Keep bring us along.

Tina and the Furry ones