Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outside my front door...

...they were digging for breakfast and when they looked up at me I felt as if I were intruding on them. I had to get pix but I just knew when I went back into Somewhere to get the camera they would be gone. NOT!

First there was one:

Then there were two...

Then there were three:

I used to be petrified of these little masked bandits until I watched Over the Hedge. Someone had to study their behavior to make those little characters behave the way they do. So I stayed outside a little to watch them and they in turn watched me.

Now I'm glad that I have Sedona's soft sided play pen. When she is in it and she starts barking I go outside to see what's up or look up from by book and see we have critter company.


Cindy said...

Those stinkers can open stuff like you wouldn't believe. They love shiney objects. If any dissapear..they have them!! lol

Cindy from Tx

Margie and Roger said...

Cindy is correct. I remember camping as a kid and my dad was sleeping outside one night. A raccoon walked accross him and went straight for a "shiny" pie container. The raccoon removed the lid and ate the Boston Creme Pie inside.

Glad you got photos - they sure are cute.

Beckles said...

They are sooo cute!! What a great play pen for Sedona.