Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sedona has been microchipped!

Thank goodness for the Nashville Human Shelter. They had a microchip clinic on Saturday so for $20 you could get your fur baby(ies) michrochipped. She was not a happy camper. Only because the last time I had her groomed at Pet Smart, they did something to her that makes her snap at people who come toward her as if they are going to take her from me. So they had to get a towel to cover her head. As the lady at the shelter said, "give me a towel, we have a biter!" Ugh, that didn't sound too good. She really isn't but it does take a while for her to warm up to strangers.

Anyway, she is now microchipped and ready to travel. I hope I never have to use the service but it's there if I need to. The company who monitors this service is the New HomeAgain.com. One call does it.

I have also ordered a new collar that has her name and my cell number on it. My friend Margie has one for all her fur babies and I like them. I'll get neon pink and I'll show you when Sedona is able to model it.

BTW, microchipping is painless to the pet. I encourage this process as well as spay/neutering. Be smart pet owners.

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Margie and Roger said...

Congratulations Sedona! Your mama loves you for sure! Am anxious to see your neon pink collar. We are working on training Annie to be off lead and not run away. So far it's working well. We want her to know to return to the motor home in case she escapes. How about a blog update on Somewhere???