Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Julie and Julia

Cindy, Debbie and I went to dinner and a movie tonight. I had heard that Julie & Julia was a good movie and it was. Meryl Streep was an exceptional Julia Child. Is there anything that woman can't play? I highly recommend this movie. It's fun and light hearted and just a hoot. +++++

Julie is going to go through Julia's cookbook recipes and write a blog based on those recipes and do it in 365 days. It's a great process. And like this blog, Julie really doesn't know how many followers she has, like who reads it, and when she gets her first comment, it's so funny.

I often wonder who reads my blog. It's not rocket science stuff and probably only interesting to me and my close friends and family but that's okay. I want to be able to journal my life. I have fixed it so that you don't have to belong to google to post so, let me her how you like it or to just say hello or better yet, tell me some places I can't miss when I'm around your part of the country. That would be cool.

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Margie said...

I'm a loyal and faithful reader, but you already know that. I use Sitemeter on my main blog and it tells me, sort of, how many 'hits' I get and from what part of the country. I'm up to 50 hits a day and from all over the country. It's amazing! When we both get on the road we can share info of interesting places and good campgrounds...and good places to eat!