Friday, August 14, 2009

Lesson Learned

When you are parked on a slope and you are disconnecting your toad from your motorhome, make sure the car has been put in park.

Yep, yesterday when I was having my little brake condition with Somewhere, I had to disconnect my Grey Goose (HHR) from her. I had tried a few times and it was in a bind and it was hot and I was sweating, profusely I might add. So when I pulled the last bolt, yep, thar she went!!! Now I'm sure it was pure entertainment for the guys across the street at the body shop to watch the "mature" "plus size" woman running down the parking lot chasing a car and opening the door and hopping in to get it stopped before a very large tree stopped it.

OMG, that all I can say. Hope you can get a visual of that little lesson learned.


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