Friday, August 7, 2009

Maggie and Sedona

I am house/pet sitting for my friend, Sandra. Sandra will be Sedona sitting for me when I go on my cruise so this turned into a win-win for both of us.

Sandra lives in Bellvue which is on the opposite side of town from where I live and I am not at all familiar with the area. I did learn where the library was on the first night as I figured I needed to become familiar with Nevada Barr's novels. She is a good author and writes about murder mysteries in the National Parks. When you read her website and her sister's blog, she is just an amazing woman.

But I digress, Sandra's full bloodied Yorkie is Maggie. She is maybe a year old but I think maybe a few months less. Sedona will be three in September. Here they are together.
It was the best shot I could get of them together. Trust me when I say they are both only fur babies. Sedona is not used to sharing and Maggie just loves all the dogs around her and wants to give them kisses. Sedona said she was annoying.

Whew, I'm so happy that I "shaved" Sedona. I could not keep up with all the hair on a true Yorkie cut.
Maggie doesn't like to be brushed so I held her down a couple of times and said, "you my dear, are going to be brushed whether you like it or not." I was worn out when I got finished with that. LOL
After the first night of missing out on sleep, the girls settled down and now they are leaving each other alone. First night Sedona ran around the ottoman five or six times full speed ahead with Maggie hot on her hills. Sure wish I had my camera for that, it was funny. Afterwards they were both exhausted and laid down for a rest.

Both girls are used to sleeping in the bed with their mistress'. Now that get's a little complicated when they are both vieing for the same place. See with Duchess, she sleeps at the foot and Sedona sleeps at the top. Well, Maggie sleeps at the top too. Here in lies the problem. Finally after all the jockeying for position, last night was peaceful with one on one side and one on the other. Whatever, it worked!

Have you ever tried to walk two dogs on leash? OMG, they each try to go their separate ways or they cross over in front of each other to take lead and then there is a big mess with the leashes tangled up.

Good thing though, Sandra's complex has a swimming pool and not many people (none) go there and it's quite and peaceful. Should have played hookie this week from work but I have Saturday to play in the pool.

The neighborhood meets in the evening and Sandra has been used to taking treats out to the meeting place and all the neighborhood dogs are used to getting treats. I am continuing the tradition, Sedona has met some new friends. There are two little blind dogs who come to the treating. Good neighbors.

It's been fun and it will be good for both to have had time together before a whole week.


Margie and Roger said...

OMG you have your hands full trying to sleep and walk those two doggies. I don't suppose Sedona is a spoiled mama's dog??? Bet you will be glad when you are settled into Somewhere with just you and Sedona in the same bed every night.

Beckles said...

This could almost be titled "The Shaggy Dog and Sdeona"!!! Both are precious!

Enjoy Nevada Barr....great books!