Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nuvi Garmin 265W Arrived

I have been having the most fun. I ordered the Garmin 265W from Amazon about five days ago and it arrived yesterday. I'm like a kid in the candy store. It's interesting to see which way Stella, the so named Garmin, is going to take me to places where I already know I'm going. I wished it had an RV setting on it but it doesn't. I'm still happy with it. I got the navigator because I don't think Sedona can look at the road atlas and tell me which way to go. She's a good co-pilot but not a navigator. Stella will just be handy for keeping me on the right track.

Bad news this morning. Jonathan's fraternal grandmother passed away today. So a change in plans for my long holiday. I'm going to head east and stay at the Bear Cove RV Resort in Benton, TN. That will be close enough to Athens and Etowah to go to the service and take a break and enjoy the holiday weekend at the same time. I know generally where Bear Cove is because it's close to where my BIL has the lake cabin. It's right on the Hiwassee river so it should be nice and cool.

This trip will be my maiden voyage towing the Grey Goose behind Somewhere. Nothing like a challenging trip over Monteagle Mountain towing a vehicle. From what I have read and heard, I'll never know she's back there. I also got a recall on Somewhere from Winnebago. Something about the bracket holding the propane tank. OMG, what if it had turned that 27lb propane tank loose? Guess it would be adios to ole Carolyn and Sedona.

This past weekend I dewinterized Somewhere by myself and didn't have any problems. Yippee! I also, aired the tires up, almost by myself. I had them all aired except one on the driver's side front. The valve is too close to the wheel cover and it doesn't budge. A nice man pulled into the Flying J and I asked if he could help me out. He was glad to assist and he thought the wheel cover just needed to be moved and I told him it was attached to the actual wheel. Being the man that he was he needed to find out for himself. When he had the hub off the wheel and saw that sure enough the wheel was attached to the cover, he went to plan B. So it actually took both of us to air up that tire. He said, "mam, there would have been no way you could have done that yourself." Confirmation for me.

I had to puff out my chest a little bit. I am woman, here me roar. I did it! It's just the little things that builds up the confidence to do one more thing.

I thought I had a leak because my water pump kept running and that is supposed to be a very good sign that there is a leak. So as I was taking Somewhere to be looked at today, I thought, you know, I bet that the water pump is running because it is filling up the hot water heater. Yep, that was confirmed and that's what it was. See I told you, little things, big confidence.

Anyway, that's my report before the holiday. I hope to get some good pictures this weekend even though it's a sad occasion, it should still be good to see family.



Margie and Roger said...

I hear your roaring! Good for you. When I put water into my motorhome, Roger tells me to open the hot water spigot so it will fill the hot water tank first. That way the hot water tank fills and then the fresh water tank fills. Does that make sense? Hope you have a great weekend.

Margie and Roger said...

Does your Garmin "announce" street names or does it say "turn left"?

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Stella announces street names which was on my list of must haves.

Yes it makes sense and after I unhooked from the water and left, I realized I hadn't done that. Thanks for the reminder.