Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Yesterday was Taylor's big day and I do mean big day at Cumberland Island and by the time I picked her up she was dragging. All day in the sand and surf, in addition to the hikes they took from one end to the other. They also took some nets, cast them into the surf to catch nurse sharks and then release them. Remember this was a science trip.

I picked her up in St Mary's GA waterfront area. It is a quaint historic area. I got there early to look around and take some pictures. It was so nice to sit on the benches and feel the breeze. I could get used to that.

St Mary's has a submarine museum, I suppose because it is so close to Kings Bay Submarine base and it was pretty cool to walk around in there a little while.

Taylor's ferry was about a 40 minute ride from CI back to St Mary's. This is her ferry coming in now. I know she was relieved to see me standing there because she was afraid I would forget her or get lost. LOL I really don't think she was crazy about me standing there taking her picture though.


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