Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Historic Fernadina Beach FL

Jonathan got a little stir crazy today (only day three??) and wanted to go for a drive. Well, I wanted to go to so he went for the ride.

We drove down to the beach they go to on a regular basis, it's at Historic Fernadina Beach FL. It's only about 15-20 miles from where they live and it is a beautiful beach. It's close to Amelia Island. On Peter Point I found out that one can stay overnight for 24 hours as long as they are in a self contained vehicle. Guess I know where I can go for an overnighter.

We drove on down to America Beach but there was not very much parking so we just drove through and made a u turn to get us back on the road.

The weather down her is very hot and humid but when we get to the beach the temps drop and the breeze picks up. This is a beautiful area but without the wind, ugh, not sure I could brave those hot, humid temps.



Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like you are having more fun. Do you ever go to work or have your already retired, ha ha!

beckles1 said...

Everytime I hear of Fernadina Beach I remember that 38 years ago Ron had a job offer there....and didn't take it. Was I disappointed? Yes!! Sounds like a super trip. Hope that Jonathan continues to improve.