Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back In the Real World

I'm gonna post very quickly to say that I am back to work and NOT loving it. It was difficult for me to come back and get back into my routine. I would have preferred to have stayed on the road. I'm thinking I will love it.

I will have some new pictures about the area and swim meet but just wanted to stick my head in and say hi.

Oh, I received my order for the Trailer Life Directory, RV Atlas and TL CD's. I began playing with the CD last night and can't wait to see how it interacts with my new GPS that should arrive in a few days.

I placed my order for my Blue Ox tow bar, base plate, etc to tow my HHR and made the appointment for sometime next week. I'm getting ready for my adventure. I had a recall on Somewhere and have to take it in to have a bracket checked that holds my propane tank. I'm gonna get all that done so I can go out some one weekends. I am going to wait until a little closer to leaving to get my new tires. They will last me 6 years and then I can reevaluate whether I want to continue travelling or have found a place to settle down.

Oh, one other thing. Jonathan and I have been talking about what to do this Christmas to top our trip to Stone Mountain last year. He has been wanting to take Taylor and go to Crystal River to snorkle with the Manatees. He received his diving certification there many years ago and loved it. So I decided we would go there after Christmas. I'll stay for 14 nights at Manatee Springs State Park and they will stay however long they can. It should be a fun time. As if you can't tell, I love to plan ahead.


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Margie and Roger said...

Snorkeling with manatees sounds terrific! Sounds like you are getting all your ducks in a row for your big adventure.