Monday, May 18, 2009

Bolles Swim Meet, Jacksonville FL

While I was at Jonathan's and did my taxi service for my wonderful granddaughter to swim practice, I actually got to go to one of her swim meets. I have only got to see her swim in the GA state meets when she qualifies for State.

It was quite warm and if you know anything about swim meets, there is a lot of down time between heats. It was interesting to see the warm ups. All the kids in her age category hit the pool at the same time and it looked like a school of pirhanas that one sees in the movies.

It's amazing to me that Taylor can swim the 200 or 400 and get out of the pool and not be winded. I wouldn't be able to swim a 25 w/out breathing hard. I'm really proud of her and what she is able to do.

Of course, I need to introduce my grand furbabies. Sassy is the cat and she runs the place even though she was last to come into the family. She feeds Barbie, the dog, who is part Jack Russell and that is how she got control over her. They are a lot of company to the family.

I was able to celebrate Mother's Day in South GA with my family and they treated me to a beautiful rose and took me to Bonzi to eat. Well, actually I should give Taylor the credit for everything, Jonathan was a little out of service. Thank you, Taylor, you made it a great Mother's Day '09.

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