Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buffett & friends at Christmas

Here I am in Somewhere standing next to the Christmas tree. It's pretty cool! Didn't know what all the excitement was about this Christmas thing was but I got to wear a cool "horns" on my head and there were lots of company coming in and out and picking me up so I think it's pretty neat thing. Then I got to meet my new friend whom I will introduce to you as JB. He was a gift from gf, Cindy. He has a pink flamingo, Christmas Palm tree, wears shorts and flip flops and a straw hat. He just needs a parrot and he will really be best friends. Hey what am I saying, he does have a parrot. Duh!
Had to show you this decoration Carolyn hung up in Somewhere. She even added her lights from last year.

This trip was alright but it didn't compare to that big ship. I'm sure Carolyn will report on her trip to Stone Mountain GA later on. From the sounds of everything in Somewhere, she, Jonathan and Taylor had a really good time. I just couldn't figure out why they didn't take me sledding down the snow! I think I heard her say something about getting me wet. Guess I should appreciate that, right?



Teresa Brooks said...

I love love love Buffett

beckles1 said...

Love your horns! You were bare-headed last time we were together. Sounds like you had a great trip also!