Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Real Estate Agent down and 2 to go!

Bobby Hite came to the house yesterday. He was just about as unprepared as anyone can be. I knew more about the neighborhood, comps, construction in my area than he. One down. He won't be considered. Couldn't/wouldn't even discuss a marketing plan but sure wanted me to know his commission was 6%, 3% his no matter when it sold and 3% to selling agent, duh! I told him it sounded like he wasn't too confident he would be the listing agent and selling agent. Oh well, this is just part of it.

Two to go. Terry DeSelmes from Remax Elite and recommended by Dave Ramsay and Babs White recommended by my financial guy, Chad Richards. I have told them both that I am interviewing agents and won't be ready to list until the last of Feb. Hey that will be here before too long, next week is the 1st of Feb. I'll keep you posted.

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