Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump Day

Got a new toy today. It's a blue tooth mouse. When I got my Dell computer I had it built for blue tooth. Now I am using one item that is blue tooth. Next I'll get a nice pair of headphones/earphones. Later down the road.

Dentist appointment was today. I had been having a few problems with my upper left quadrant of my mouth. Dr Winfree had put a crown/bridge less than two years ago and each time I have gone in to the hygienist I've told Christie that something is just not right. Well today she uncovered the issue. My crown is cracked and has a hole in it. Go, guess what, back through the process. When that tooth was taken out the oral surgeon said I had a hole in my sinus cavity and if it didn't close up he would have to put a couple of stitches in it to close it up. The dentist didn't think that it had completely closed (2 yrs?) and I may have to go back to the oral surgeon. Oh, that just sounds like so much fun but I really have to get all this fixed before I hit the road.

Margie, gave me her parrot table cloth hooks. Yippee, thanks Margie!! I have looked everywhere for those and couldn't find any so she graciously gifted them to me.

My oh my, I'm getting so much stuff done. I just about have all my office completed. One thing I am pleased with myself is that when I put something in the garage sale box, it's gets a price on it. Yep, good for me.

I had someone come by last night to look at my work bench I posted on Craigslist. He didn't take it but said he would be in touch, yeah right! I've heard that before.

Got an email from someone on Craigslist who really liked my bar art I have put on there for sale. Really, really liked it, but didn't have any money and wondered if I would give it to her! I kid you not!! Hey girl, I don't think so. People have the nerve.

I have gone through my silver & gold and am going to make a run to the gold place and see if they will give me anything for my goods. I'll keep you posted on that. Hey what could it hurt, I'm never gonna use that stuff and it won't sell well at a yard sale.


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