Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Real Estate abounds

Several months ago I contacted my old realtor whom I have used 3 or 4 times in selling/buying different properties. Karen Hoff advised me to wait until after the first of the year and contact her again. I did about a month ago and wanted her to come by and talk to me face to face. She didn't/hasn't.

Today I contacted another realtor, Bobby Hite, in Nashville and he is coming over on Wednesday at 4:15 to take a look see and talk to me. I have seen Bobby Hite's name all over south Nashville since 1978 so I figure he should know about the neighborhood. I want to see what resources he uses, his fees and what he generally thinks about putting my condo on the market right now. At least he was responsive.

My friend Margie and her DH, Roger are going through the real estate thing. Hope things work out for them this week. They are sure wanting to hit the road and get out of the cold and damp. Hey, they sounds like me too. I can wait a while though.

I was able to get somethings moved out of my living room while Theda was here this past weekend so the condo should look bigger w/out as much stuff in there. Roger picked up the small refrigerator I gave him and that cleared up some space.

Randy, Debbie, Melissa and Glenn are coming over Saturday for a soup evening. I have a new recipe for enchilada soup and am going to use them as Guinea pigs. If the testors say it's good, I'll share it with you. Having them over is a impetus to get the house cleaned good. Two fold purpose, good friend/clean house. Why do we do that? If it's just me, I'll procrastinate until it becomes such a chore whereas if I would keep it up, it would be a breeze.

Taylor asked if I could come down to GA for her birthday so she can have a slumber party. Sure no problem...what do little girls do at slumber parties? I'm sure they are a lot different than boys. All I had to do for Jonathan was stay out of the way. She is turning 13 so I'm sure I'll have to think of some "cool" things for her & friends to do. If you have any ideas, pass them along to me.



Margie said...

Invite boys. Only kidding.

beckles1 said...

Company certainly does it for me....particularly when staying for several days! I need company!

Trip to Taylor's! That is super, and I know you are both excited!!