Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Celebrated

One huge lesson I have learned about blogging is: if one is going to blog, one doesn't need to go somewhere, have a great time, come back, work for a week and then try to recapture the wonder vacation after Christmas and during New Years...But I shall try.
Well, 6 nights were spent at Stone Mountain Ga CG. First, my ds and dgd and I spent 12/26-1/2 at the cg and the park. It was sooooo much fun. On 12/31 they opened Snow Mtn which was a lot of snow and you could slide down in inner tubes and build snow men/women and throw snow balls. My what a fun time and what a wet time.

Here's my report from the cg. Check in was a breeze and staff was very friendly. Nice parking while checking in. The first site we were in was site 360. It was not level and the water pressure was not very good. Entering the sites the roads were in bad shape. You could tell tree roots had grown into/under the asphalt making very large "natural speed bumps" which are not friendly to RVs. The sites were part paved/part gravel. There was not a level place to put the picnic table unless it was right up next to the MH. Not a user friendly place. We stayed here 4 nights.
Last two nights were spent in site 330 which was terrific. Great view of the lake and of Stone Mountain. Very level and good water pressure. Concrete picnic table and good fire pit. The reason we had to move was I decided later to stay during the New Year and our spot was reserved and 330 was the only place left. They would not let the other people take 330 and us stay at 360 and as it turned out, it worked out better for us. Here are some views from the inside looking out onto the lake and Stone Mountain from Site 330. Cost was $38 per night for full hook-ups. I got the package which included 2 nights, 4 bundles of wood, smores pack for 4 and admission to the park on line for $110. I got two of those packages for four nights and then got two nights at $38 plus tax. Garbage pick up daily and the bath houses were very clean and well maintained. I would return to this park again.
Now for the fun part. Daily we either went into the park or went into town. The park was fun as the pictures will show, there was a parade, much like Disney World, but a much smaller scale. They had a Snow Angel and the park had a train and even had the Polar Express 4D. What is 4D you may ask? You get all the 3D action with glasses and all and when they have snow, it actually snows. When they pour hot chocolate, you actually smell the hot chocolate; and when they slide across the frozen lake, you get sprayed with water. For someone not knowing what to expect, it was just awesome! What a treat! Taylor and I had to go again, Jonathan was not impressed enough to do it again. Oh, guess it's a guy thing! It was just so much fun to be with my family and be able to enjoy all the things Stone Mountain had to offer. At night they had a laser show on the side of the mountain. With my new Olympus camera, I tried to capture a movie, hope this comes through. This had to be one of the best holidays ever!
It's about 2 minutes

but fun to watch and listen to.

Back at Somewhere we would have a terrific fire and induldge in those wonderful chocolaty treats of smores!

Around the campfire, we exchanged stories and Taylor asked us triva questions by candlelight. These trivia questions were given to us a presents for the road by Becky and we made good use of them while driving and around the campfire. Guess it's part of keeping the brain young! Was that what you had in mind, Becky?

Taylor fell in love with my hammock and I fell in love with her Wii. OMG, how much fun we (I) had. I bowled, played tennis and golf and the next morning almost couldn't get out of bed. Oh and that last picture above, well, that's me celebrating a little too much. Must have gotten a strike in bowling. LOL

Sedona loved having so much attention. She got played with and walked and just naturally spoiled. LOL

One night, Taylor cooked supper for us. I had told her to pick a night and a menu and she could serve us dinner. Well she did and man was it good. Spaghetti, bread and sugar cookies, um, um good. It was her first time cooking with gas and she did a terrific job. My goodness how they grow up so fast.

Snow Mountain Pictures:

Here we are on our way up the mountain. Thank goodness they had a sidewalk that moved us and we didn't have to walk up!

Taylor is getting ready to go down. I'm in the track next to her and just had to get her photo!

Jonathan is going to be the next to go. As a matter of fact we ended up going down about the same time. All you could do was hold on for dear life. It was sure fun.

Here is the shot while waiting in line to do this "thing."

Have I told you how much I love my little house on wheels, Somewhere, and how I really didn't want to come back to Nashville? I just wanted to keep driving south. When it was time to leave, it was time to winterize again since I had access to water, dump and all that I needed. Went smooth and it was good Jonathan was there to help out. Driving in and around Atlanta in Somewhere went well! It was a lot smoothier than I had anticipated. Gee I must be getting pretty good at this driving. Made it back to Nashville in about 5.5 hours including stopping for about an hour at the Flying J in Resca, GA. Came by the house to unload and then headed up to Clarksville to her parking place. I had a couple of days to recover from the trip and to reflect on 2009. What's to come????

This had to be the one of the best holidays I have had, ever!



Teresa Brooks said...

Glad you had such a wonder clebration for 2009. It looks and sounds like a great time.

beckles1 said...

Didn't think of keeping the mind young, but rather keeping Taylor entertained!! Maybe I should borrow the games and work on keeping my mind young!!! Sounds like a "fantabulous" trip for all!


Margie said...

Hey Carolyn,
Just caught up in reading your blog. It is really a good blog. You sure had a wonderful time at Christmas. I, too, wonder what 2009 will bring for you...lots of fun and travels I hope.