Friday, January 23, 2009


I survived my emotional meltdown last weekend. I've moved on to other things.

There is an antique toy and doll road show in town this weekend. I'm gonna take matchbox cars, tyco trains and a racing car over to see what they will give me for them. Jonathan said he didn't want them so I might as well try to get a few pennies for them. Theda is also bringing some things over to see what she can get for her stuff. She & her family save EVERYTHING so she has a lot more from her childhood. I'll let you know the outcome.

I was reading one of my electronic newsletters from KOA and they had this cute Recipe in there. I'll have to try it. No mess to clean up. Great for sitting around the campfire.

Got to share another Sedona story. When I first got her, the vet gave her a welcome package and in that package was a little stuffed dog. I affectionately refer to it as yellow dog. Sedona loved that dog and last weekend, yellow dog bit the dust, her nose fell off. I promptly put it in the trash and didn't think any more about it.

Apparently Sedona saw me put it in the trash. She sure thought about it. She would sit at the trash can and cry. She made the awfulest sound and she would pace and come to me and bark (which she does not do much of) and then she would pace some more. I do believe she was in mourning for yellow dog.

I called the vet this week and explained my dilemna. Could I buy another yellow dog? She said sure come on by. I went to Paws & Claws yesterday and Sandi was at the front desk. I started to explain about Sedona and she said they had discussed Sedona when I got off the phone and she was not going to charge me. She brought out a handful of soft toys and there was no yellow dog. I said oh, no, and held up fingers showing about a 2" size of dog I was talking about. Sandi said oh, you want little bitty. So she goes to the back and brings out...yep you guessed it, yellow dog. I could have cried. See that was 2 1/2 years ago so it's surprising they still carry the same toys. I could not wait to get home and show Sedona what I had found.

Yep, sure enough, she was so excited. Sedona played until she couldn't play anymore last night. She loves yellow dog. She even brought yellow dog to bed last night. Good gosh, what we do for our pets, aka, babies. One satisfied little girl in my house. It will be interesting if it will last another 2.5 years.


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Margie said...

That is a pretty cool recipe. Roger will love it.

I'm so glad Sedona got a new yellow dog. I think you should go back and get another one while they still have them. Yep, Sedona is one spoiled pup.